Quittie Hollow

We are Doug and Mike, a father and son team, who have long enjoyed being makers. Needing an outlet for our creativity and a place to make projects, an advanced tech wood-centric and laser engraving work shop was built. After a few months of enjoying the shop, talk of starting a business began. Following a few beers, and a few spirited planning meetings, we created Quittie Hollow Custom Products.

The focus of Quittie Hollow is to use our creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail to build the brand. We believe enjoying what we do will show in the products we make and ultimately result in highly satisfied customers. Throughout the past few years, we have had the opportunity to create many unique designs that make us proud and our customers happy!

The Quittie Hollow brand is about a lot more than the products we craft. Rooted in a love for the outdoors we are proud of the efforts we make to clean and repair local waterways. We want to give back to nature and make it a better place for wildlife and recreation.